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Alpine Spa at Hotel Alpina in Bad Hofgastein!

Just imagine, you have experienced a glorious day in the mountain world of Gastein Valley, you have entered your name in the log book at the summit, made your own tracks across the powder snow, completed an exhilarating downhill ride on a mountain bike, enjoyed with your children all of those nature adventures in Ski amadé, overcome whole new challenges on the high-ropes course, or simply set your mind free out on a quiet stroll. After a beautiful, fulfilling vacation day such as this, what could be more wonderfully relaxing than winding things down at our hotel’s own wellness oasis.

In our indoor pool (6 x 10m), enjoy the natural warmth (33 °C) and the healing power of Gastein spring water. Feel the positive, stimulating effects of water with naturally elevated radon levels that regenerate cell function, mobilize your body’s own defensive mechanisms and give you a much-needed boost from top to toe. Also available for your personal feel-good program are a sauna, steam bath, hot tubs, tanning bed and a stimulating Kneipp spa.

In the hotel’s treatment department, we offer you various forms of traditional spa therapy, such as radon baths, mud packs on a floating waterbed, inhalation and different massages.
Out on the sun-terrace or sunbathing areas, you can allow your mind to re-visit your marvelous vacation day as you gaze out on the surrounding mountain world.
At Hotel Alpina, you will experience your summer getaway or winter fairy tale in a whole new way. There is nothing more wonderful, after a day already so full of beautiful memories, than relaxing at an indoor pool. Pure enjoyment! We hope you will join us. We look forward to seeing you here!

Hotel Alpina ****

Our charming and traditional Hotel Alpina in the centre of Bad Hofgastein has 67 comfortable rooms, a welcoming reception and lobby, lounge with fireplace and the popular stone pine lounge bar.



The Alpine Spa in Bad Hofgastein - thermal spa, wellness and relaxation in over 32.000m2 - the most advanced health and wellness oasis in Europe

Treatments Alpine Spa

Price overview spa
Hotel Alpina Healing cave packages for 14 days - 6 Healing cave entries € 1.950,-
for 21 days - 10 Healing cave entries € 1.343,-
Hotel Alpina Gastein Spa treatments 14 day treatment course with 8 Radon Thermal Baths or 8 Mud Packages and 6 Part Massages
Hotel Alpina Gastein Spa treatments 21 day treatment course with 12 Radon Thermal Baths or 12 Mud Packages and 9 Part Massages
Hotel Alpina Energy thermal bath The noble gas radon stimulates cell metabolism and promotes the repair capacity of the cells. One sampler bath, and a 2nd bath by doctor’s prescription. Actual bathing time: 15 - 20 min. 20min. € 19,-
Hotel Alpina Summer Feeling: coconut oil bath Coconut oil, with a slight scent of fresh mango, very beneficial for the skin. Your skin is wonderfully cared for, soft and tender to the touch. 25min. € 26,-
Hotel Alpina Sea salt herbal baths The salt grains and fragrant herbs dissolve in bath water, with the valuable active ingredients spreading a pleasant aroma.

Hay flower — purifies, stimulates metabolism and detoxifies
Lavender - calms, balances and brightens your mood
Melissa - relaxes, harmonizes and strengthens
Rose - balances, harmonizes; obtained by cold-pressing the tiny, millimeters-large seeds
25min. € 26,-
Hotel Alpina Comfort SPA Truffle Truffles are not only sensual pleasure for the palate, they are also a luxury food for the skin. The amino acids and minerals contained in the truffle rejuvenate the skin, regulate the skin's moisture, tone and nourish the skin, whilst also having aphrodisiac properties. 30min. € 40,-
Hotel Alpina Comfort SPA Crystal Pampering treatments with the power of the ruby. Finely ground ruby powder soothes the skin, brings renewed vigor and energy, and creates an even and smooth complexion. A truly tangible luxury for every skin type. 30min. € 40,-
Hotel Alpina Primrose Oil Cream Pack Primrose oil is one of the most expensive seed oils in the world and is obtained by cold-pressing seeds that are only millimeters big. Especially for the treatment of very dry, irritated, inflammation-prone or allergy-stressed skin. 30min. € 40,-
Hotel Alpina Foot reflexology This massage is relaxing, calming, reduces stress, improves circulation, detoxifying, purifying the whole organism and activates the inner healing and detoxifying / detoxification process. 25min. € 30,-
Hotel Alpina The Power Of the Mountain Promotes metabolism and stimulates blood flow. Oils and stimulating handholds also enhance muscle relaxation. Special massage with oil from the Swiss pine. back or legs 25min. € 31,-
full 55min. € 66,-
Hotel Alpina Individual Massage Massage with various techniques - individual to personal needs. 25min. € 34,-
55min. € 69,-
Hotel Alpina Anti-Stress-Massage Experience deep relaxation through a combination of foot reflexology and back. Do your body something good, so that the soul desire to live in it. 55min. € 60,-
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